Responsibility and proper care when hiring and using Jumping castles, as well as other party hire supplies; movie pop corn machines, fairy floss machines and lolly bars.

Jumping Castles are lots of fun for the kids. Jolly Jacks Jumping Castle’s team will always deliver and set up each jumping castle, pop corn machine, fairy floss machine and lolly bar. At the same time, instructing you on how best to operate and take care of each item. It is very important that you follow these instructions properly and avoid any negligence, as it ensures children’s safety, as well as care of equipment. Read Jumping Castles Instruction Guide

All our inflatable jumping castles are made from quality material, always fully tested, licensed and meet Australian safety regulations and standards. Read more aboutJolly Jacks Jumping Castles Safety, Quality & Care

Disclaimer please note: items are not always identical to images shown on this website.

Jumping Castle Hiring & Usage Rules:
  • No persons over 100 KG are allowed inside Inflatable jumping castle
  • Adults and children over the age of 12 should not use the jumping castles
  • In case of rain and/or lightning, children should exit the jumping castle, and an adult should turn off the power and unplug the cord
  • In case of accidental power outage to unit, children should exit the jumping castle and an adult should disconnect the cord
  • After hours of use, an adult should turn off the jumping castle’s power and disconnect the cord. Under no circumstances should the jumping castle be left inflated over night, or left plugged into the power
  • Special deals for groups, corporate, weekday & long-term bookings
  • Regular special deals & promotions for all

Jumping Castle Safety Tips: Jumping castles are made to be lots of fun for children. However, they should always be used properly and as per the below safety tips. Anyone that does not following these safety rules should be refrained from playing in the jumping castle immediately.

Children using the jumping castle
  • The Jumping Castle should always be operated and used under adult supervision
  • Extra supervision and care is required when younger children (i.e. under the age 4) are using the jumping castle
  • Do not allow infants to use the jumping castle at any time
  • Do not allow older children to use the jumping castle at the same time with younger children unless properly supervised by an adult. It is always best to separate children using the jumping castle according to size and age
  • Children with injuries or disabilities should always double check with their parents/guardian and doctors before using the jumping castle. Depending on the case, it might not be appropriate to use the jumping castle
  • Special deals for groups, corporate, weekday & long-term bookings
  • Regular special deals & promotions for all
While inside the jumping castle
  • The jumping castle is not to be used while it is being inflated or deflated
  • The jumping castle should always be used subtlety, i.e. not flips or extreme activities
  • No bouncing or stepping near the entrance of the jumping castle
  • No shoes, glasses, jewellery or sharp objects in the jumping castle
  • Do not allow children to grab on to or hold the jumping castle’s side nets; avoid children putting the net in their mouth
  • No food or drinks are allowed inside the jumping castle
  • Other toys should not be used inside the jumping castle, as this might harm children and damage the inflatable