Safety, Quality, Care

Jumping Castle Safety, Quality & Care

Jumping_Castle_melbourne_Safety_Quality_CareImportant: all Jolly Jacks Jumping Castles are suitable for children 12 years and younger only

A whole lot of jumping fun for the kids; responsibly
Jumping castles are lots of fun for children and are made to be a safe and comfortable environment.

However, it is always best to take proper care when hiring jumping castles for children and always follow proper instructions of use, responsible use, and supervised use. The same holds true for all Jolly Jack’s party hire supplies, such as its pop corn & fairy floss machines, which should always only be operated by an adult and as per instructions provided.

Although having fun is a top priority, safety and care should never be compromised.

Proper Jumping Castle Preparations

Jolly Jacks Jumping Castle’s experienced team will always provide full guidance and instructions when hiring any party supplies in Melbourne and Victoria. Our experienced team will ensure the right space has been chosen/allocated for both the jumping castle and pop corn/fairy floss machine, and of course that everything has been set up properly and as per required standards. This includes free prior inspection and consultation if required, i.e. if you’re unsure a Jumping Castle will fit in your designated space. We’re always happy to come out and measure, as well as discuss your options.

We will always brief you on what’s needed before, during and after the hiring of our jumping castles, pop corn machines, fairy floss machines and other party hire supplies. Read more about the Jumping Castle set up procedure, terms-of-use guide

Supervision of children whilst jumping in inflatable castles

As is always the case when children are concerned, adult supervision is essential. Especially when involved with dynamic hyper-active activities such as jumping or using appliances such as a pop corn & fairy floss machine!

Jumping Castles are made to be fun for children, and indeed built in a way to be very safe and comfortable. Our jumping castles are always fully tested, maintained, as well as fully licensed & meet Australian safety regulations & standards.

However, an adult should always be on close standby and making sure children are doing the right thing. This is especially important when a variety of ages are involved in such a confined space.

Professional Indemnity insurance with our Jumping Castles

Although it is always best to avoid any mishaps, especially when children are concerned, Jolly Jacks Jumping Castles must by Australian law have professional indemnity insurance in order to cover any unfortunate accidents.

Remember, use of Jolly Jack’s jumping castles, pop corn/fairy floss machines, and other party hire supplies should always be used responsibly, as instructed, and under close adult supervision. Read more about Jumping Castle set up procedure, terms-of-use guide