Ultimate 12m Obstacle Course / What if it’s raining and/or high winds on the day of the party/event?

On the morning of the event, if it is raining and/or high winds in your area (of around 30 km an hour or stronger), Jolly Jacks Jumping Castles will call you to discuss the situation and verify if it should go ahead or if it should be postponed to another day. If conditions are extreme, the booking will be cancelled/postponed. Usually light rain and wind is fine, as the jumping castles can handle.

Of course we all know that Melbourne’s weather is quite volatile and can change very quickly. So should the weather turn bad during the party, we are always on standby to receive your call and offer any support and advice. If rain and wind gets heavy, children should be stopped from using the jumping castle, and an adult should turn the power of and disconnect the cord.

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