5 Tier Chocolate Foutain

5 Tier Chocolate Fountain is the perfect centrepiece for weddings, engagements, corporate events, anniversary parties, birthday parties, and other various functions.

Your guest will enjoy dipping marshmallows, fruit and other delicacies into the waterfall of chocolate.  Always a crowd-pleaser, a chocolate fountain will bring fun and novelty to your dessert table. Guests will be impressed by the cascading chocolate into which they can dip marshmallows, which are supplied.  You can add your own fruit such as strawberries, bananas or anything you desire.

Our chocolate fountains are eye catching, attention grabbing and will leave your guests with a lasting memory of your event.

As part of the price we will provide the following:

Serves 50 – 200 guests

– 5kg of Chocolate
– 1kg of Marshmallows
– 200 Skewers
– 200 Napkins

Put together with a Rainbow Lolly Bar and amplify the effect of our 4 Tier Chocolate Fountain.

5 Tier Chocolate Foutain

Overnight Hire: $220